3 blockbuster trades Packers can make to help bail out Broncos before deadline

  • Blockbuster deal for superstar DB?
  • Trade for veteran WR?
  • Add veteran turnover machine to secondary

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3. Packers could trade for star safety Justin Simmons

We've talked about it before, but the safety position is one of those areas on the Packers' roster that could probably stand to be upgraded. And can you ever really have too many guys who can take the football away?

With the way the Packers' defensive front is capable of taking over games, having studs on the back end who can capitalize and create turnovers is absolutely essential, and very few players have been better at creating turnovers the last 6-7 years than Justin Simmons.

Unfortunately for him, his stardom has been kept rather quiet because the Broncos haven't been any good.

At some point, you have to wonder if the Broncos will "do right" by Justin Simmons and trade him to a team that is contending, and the Packers could definitely fit that bill in 2023. Simmons is currently out due to injury, but he'll be back healthy at some point and the question will then be -- how many more games will we see him play as a member of the Broncos?


There might be teams out there more desperate at safety in the coming weeks than the Packers. Right now, this might be more of a luxury than anything, but if it helps get the Packers causing more turnovers, it might be worth whatever price the Broncos end up asking. And for a veteran like Simmons with a relatively big contract, the price probably won't be prohibitive.

This might be one to file away if you're Green Bay.

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