Packers GM Brian Gutekunst responds to Jonathan Taylor trade rumors

As expected, Brian Gutekunst was asked about the Jonathan Taylor trade rumors.
Green Bay Packers
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As it turns out, it's not just on the internet that the old rumor mill runs rampant. A rumor that the Green Bay Packers were interested in Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts added a little bit of drama to the mix this preseason, or rather the end of it.

And that rumor mill was churning within the Packers organization itself and it bled out into the rest of the NFL community, making many scratch their heads in wonder at just what Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst was thinking.

As our very own Freddie Boston noted, the trade rumor, which was originally reported by ESPN, would have made very little sense anyways.

"I don't know how these things get out there. I don't particularly care…You guys know how we do business around here. That's just not how we do them, and I don't really want to react to them," Gutekunst stated.

"We have conversations about players throughout the National Football League, players on our team, with other teams, all the time. People ask about our guys all the time. That's just part of it. I can't be running or worried about what our players think every time somebody calls and asks us just because it might get out in the media," he resumed.

Packers GM Brian Gutekunst responds to Jonathan Taylor trade rumors

Despite the resulting confusion, he tried to downplay what would have been an obvious error, and a monumental one at that, concentrating on other things.

"Not really too consumed with that. We have a great running back room. Really excited about it. I think they're a strength of our football team. Again, we have a lot of conversations. If people perceive it's one thing or another, I can't control that."

But ESPN is of course a premier news outlet when it comes to sports. There's absolutely no way this came out of thin air. The news had to come from somewhere.

It’s unclear right now if it was Taylor himself, or rather his agents of course, or maybe even reps for the Colts themselves, but the fact that Green Bay's name came up is baffling, even to Brian Gutekunst, apparently…or was it?

At least, that's how it appears right now, except for a few things he did say as he continued to talk to the press.

"There's a lot of conversations…We are used at times for leverage situations, as well. But we're not doing what we're supposed to be doing if we're not investigating these things, at least listening to things," he said.

"I think the whole idea of not wanting a player, I don't know if that's really ever the case…You've got to make the best decisions for your football team and, sometimes when you go through those things, it's not that you don't want players, it's just that you can only have so many."

These above statements are certainly interesting, however, because amidst answering questions, he didn't really deny a possible interest in Taylor (he of course cannot talk about a player from another team within the league as far as being an interest in concerned), which brings us back to the aforementioned piece by the editor and head writer here, Freddie Boston ... why?

It wouldn't have made any sense, anyways.

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