Every questionable call from the end of Packers-Chiefs, ranked

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4. Not calling pass interference on Chiefs Hail Mary attempt

On the final play of the game, the Chiefs had no choice but to attempt a Hail Mary pass into the end zone. Packers safety Jonathan Owens appeared to get away with a push on Travis Kelce. Had it been called, Kansas City would've been given an untimed down at the one-yard line with a chance to score the game-tying touchdown. The refs let it go.

There was a push. Owens used both hands to push Kelce from behind. There wasn't much in it, but it should've been a penalty. The refs rarely give pass-interference calls on Hail Marys. They should. But they don't. This is another example of their leniency.

3. Unnecessary roughness on Jonathan Owens for Patrick Mahomes hit

The Packers held on to win the game, but a penalty that could've swung it in the Chiefs' favor was a head-scratching unnecessary roughness penalty on Jonathan Owens. Patrick Mahomes scrambled for a first down and was on his way out of bounds at Kansas City's 40-yard line.

Owens came in to make a tackle, and he hit Mahomes before he went out of bounds. The officials decided it was "unnecessary roughness" and handed the Chiefs 15 yards. Here's the problem: Mahomes was still clearly in bounds. Both of his feet remained in play. What is Owens supposed to do? Allow Mahomes to pick up as many yards as he wants?

If Owens made that hit on any other player at a different position, there's no penalty.