Packers coach's comments about Josh Myers prove they have learned nothing

The Packers' commitment to Josh Myers is hard to believe.
Green Bay Packers, Josh Myers
Green Bay Packers, Josh Myers / Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers selected three offensive linemen in the 2024 NFL Draft before adding even more talent in undrafted free agency.

With Josh Myers struggling for consistency and entering a contract year, the Packers have given themselves options at the center position. Fifth-round pick Jacob Monk is most likely to play center in the NFL, while Elgton Jenkins and Zach Tom also offer college experience there.

ESPN's Rob Demovsky reported that the Packers view Tom as a potential "Hall of Fame" center despite his success at right tackle.

All of that puts Myers on the hot seat entering his final season, or at least, it should. But the Packers remain surprisingly committed to their former second-round pick.

Packers remain stubborn with Josh Myers as starting center

It's no secret that the Packers love versatility along the offensive line. It's why Jordan Morgan made so much sense in the first round. Jenkins and Tom offer five-position versatility, and the Packers believe Morgan can play in four spots. Almost every lineman is cross-trained at multiple positions.

Except for Myers. Packers offensive line coach Luke Butkus made it clear that Myers will be their center moving forward.

Matt LaFleur always talks about finding the best starting five. It's what makes Green Bay's preference for versatility so valuable.

Are we sure Myers is a lock to make the best five?

What if Jordan Morgan proves he can stick at tackle and play on either side? If the Packers believe he is a quality starting right tackle, moving Tom inside would make a lot of sense, especially as they reportedly view him as a "Hall of Fame" center. Surely, moving Tom to his best position is the right call.

If Morgan shifts inside to guard, it could allow Jenkins to move to center, a position he has plenty of experience at.

Myers has shown he can play at a high level, but not consistently. Per PFF grades, he was the 36th-ranked center in the league last season—there are 32 starting positions.

The former second-round pick has guard experience from college, and the Packers even list him as a center/guard on their roster page. Not cross-training him at that position is a bizarre decision, especially considering his lack of consistency at center.

There's a long way to go between now and Green Bay's season opener in Brazil. Butkus' comments are hardly set in stone, but the stubbornness with Myers is concerning.

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