7 first-round targets that would make Packers Super Bowl contenders

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2. Cooper DeJean, DB, Iowa

Another player that you've probably seen frequently projected to the Green Bay Packers is Iowa defensive back Cooper DeJean.

When you look at the way DeJean plays the game, you can't help but wonder if the Packers might be getting their hands on another Charles Woodson type. Hyperbole is the name of the game in draft season, and while I don't mean that DeJean is going to be Charles Woodson, I think you see some similarities in the overall package with DeJean's ability to shut it down in coverage, play physical, and play a huge role in the return game (and special teams in general).

There are few players in this draft class that I am certain will be high impact defensively from Day 1, but DeJean is one of them.

3. Olu Fashanu, OT, Penn State

Another player who would likely cost the Green Bay Packers a bit to trade up for is Olu Fashanu, the outstanding offensive tackle prospect out of Penn State.

The Packers already have Fashanu's old teammate Rasheed Walker on the roster (and playing well) at the left tackle position, so the addition of Fashanu would require some vision on the Packers' part to make sure they've got the best combination of five guys up front, and that all five guys are in their best possible positions.

Sometimes kicking a guy to the right or left side isn't going to work out, but it would be fascinating if the Packers decided that Fashanu was worth moving up for and that they could make it work with both he and Walker at the tackle positions.