5 draft mistakes to blame for Packers struggles in 2023

Which NFL Draft mistakes are hurting the Green Bay Packers the most in 2023?
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3. Jordan Love over Jalen Hurts (2020)

I know, I know...

No one saw this one coming, right?

Nobody had Jalen Hurts over Jordan Love on their 2020 NFL Draft big board, at least nobody who was making enough of a stink about it to change anyone's mind. Jalen Hurts had a huge season in 2019 with the Oklahoma Sooners, rehabbing his NFL Draft value in a big way after being benched for Tua Tagovailoa at Alabama, sitting for a year, and transferring out.

Hurts improved himself tremendously as a passer under Lincoln Riley at Alabama, but the jury was still very much out on his NFL projection.

Even though the Packers couldn't have seen Hurts developing so quickly in Philadelphia, perhaps the smarter play that offseason would have been to go a different direction in round one (like drafting Tee Higgins for Aaron Rodgers) and then taking a shot on someone like Jalen Hurts in round two.

A lot of drama could have been avoided, right?

Ah well, what's done is done. The Packers were convinced about Jordan Love, not just about taking a quarterback. We now know, however, that whole process was really poorly executed overall.