5 draft mistakes to blame for Packers struggles in 2023

Which NFL Draft mistakes are hurting the Green Bay Packers the most in 2023?
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5. Lukas Van Ness over variety of options (2023)

Let's not count too many chickens before they hatch, but also, let's not ignore the fact that the Green Bay Packers ignored way more pressing areas in the 2023 NFL Draft in order to select Lukas Van Ness out of Iowa for their defensive front.

Pass rush is critical in the NFL. I won't ever knock a team for going after guys that can be difference-makers in that area. But the Packers also lacked clarity at the receiver position going into the 2023 NFL Draft, and they could have used a long-term option at the left tackle position.

The Pittsburgh Steelers snatched up Broderick Jones out of Georgia right after the Packers took Lukas Van Ness with the 13th overall selection. A handful of picks later, the Minnesota Vikings took Jordan Addison out of USC, who is having an outstanding rookie season for a division rival.


The Packers' refusal to take offensive skill players in the first round of the NFL Draft is staggering at this point. They took Christian Watson early last year and they did go after Jayden Reed in the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft, but did they put too much faith in Watson and Romeo Doubs?

The Packers could have a group right now of Watson, Doubs, Addison, and Reed if they wanted, and they could have gone after a pass rusher in the slot where they took Tucker Kraft.

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