3 draft picks Packers already regret making (and who they should've picked)

Who did the Green Bay Packers obviously miss out on in the 2023 NFL Draft?
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Packers should have drafted Puka Nacua over Sean Clifford (or Dontayvion Wicks)

With all due respect to Sean Clifford, who worked incredibly hard to get to the point he's at today (as a backup QB for the Green Bay Packers), that particular selection was one of the more baffling on Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft. Clifford wasn't given draftable grades by many analysts going into the selection process, much less a fifth-round grade.

The Packers obviously felt like he could come in and provide exactly what they need in that backup QB slot, and there is value to that, but they also passed on some really good players there to take him.

In particular, at this juncture of the NFL Draft, the Packers were still in the market for a receiver. In fact, they took Dontayvion Wicks a handful of picks after they took Sean Clifford. But why did the Packers (and every other NFL team, for that matter) pass on BYU receiver Puka Nacua?

Nacua has been borderline unstoppable in the first two months of his rookie season, and the Rams were so bold as to basically give him Cooper Kupp's full workload while Kupp was on IR. He's already got 50 receptions for 598 yards and a pair of touchdowns at the time of this writing, and has thrived with that bigger workload.

Puke Nacua was sitting right there, right under everyone's nose...

Yet they did not have the wit to see it.


The failure of the rest of the NFL to properly evaluate Puka Nacua's transition to the NFL is the Rams' gain, I suppose. But it was a whiff for the Packers.

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