5 drastic moves Packers must make after loss to Lions

Desperate times for the Green Bay Packers could call for desperate measures.
Green Bay Packers
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4. Make the trade for Jonathan Taylor already

One of the juiciest rumors of the NFL season so far is that the Packers were one of the teams most seriously inquiring about Colts star running back Jonathan Taylor. When you think about it, the Packers make as much sense as anyone on paper for a variety of reasons. You've got a QB on his rookie deal (for the time being), and by virtue of having a young QB, a strong running game is necessary.

You'll have the cap space to put a big-money back on the roster, even in tandem with Aaron Jones. AJ Dillon is obviously not the long-term answer. The Packers have hit on enough draft picks in recent years to justify the cost in a trade (as in, it won't cripple them long-term, they have done well drafting).

Just make the dang Jonathan Taylor trade already. It will bring new life to this offense, which has been horrible running the ball in 2023.

5. Derrick Henry trade possibility?

Matt LaFleur got his head coaching gig with the Packers after he was offensive coordinator in Tennessee. That 2018 season was really a breakout year for Derrick Henry, his first season with over 1,000 rushing yards in the NFL.

Obviously, ever since then, he's been a model of consistency and mostly dominance. If the Titans are in a bad spot in a few weeks, could we see them part ways with a guy who will go down as a franchise legend? It's been rumored for quite some time now. I think it would take a lot for the Titans to pack it in, but acquiring Derrick Henry could be very interesting for the Packers.


It wouldn't be a great long-term move like a Jonathan Taylor trade would be, but for a window of time, adding Derrick Henry could give this Packers team a dominant rushing attack.

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