Packers GM drops another hint at trading for veteran player this offseason

Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers have a golden opportunity in front of them.

Despite their lack of experience and entering the 2023 season with the youngest roster in the NFL, they reached the divisional round and almost upset the San Francisco 49ers. Jordan Love proved he's the Packers' future, leading one of the league's best offenses down the stretch.

It wasn't the rebuilding year many expected, but they have the draft capital of a rebuilding team. The Packers hold five top-100 selections thanks to the Aaron Rodgers and Rasul Douglas trades, giving them the opportunity they need to upgrade the roster.

Green Bay could stick in its current position and add five draft picks, but another possibility is moving up and down the draft board or even trading picks for veterans.

The latter is fascinating because Packers GM Brian Gutekunst keeps bringing it up.

Packers GM Brian Gutekunst mentions possibility of trading for veteran players (again)

Gutekunst's interviews should come with a spoiler warning. When discussing the luxury of owning five picks in the opening three rounds, he can't help but mention a potential trade. Last month, Gutekunst spoke about the possibility of "trading those picks for veteran players," and he brought it up again at the NFL Combine.

"It gives us a little bit of flexibility," said Gutekunst. "Whether it's moving around within the draft or if there's players out there—veteran players—that are available. That certainly could be a possibility."

Gutekunst has made it clear the Packers will be active in free agency. The Packers' recent moves suggest they are making room for new additions.

That doesn't necessarily mean spending big money, but Green Bay will have opportunities to upgrade at positions of need.

Being open to trading for a veteran makes sense. The Packers own two second-round picks and two thirds. If they can flip one for a proven NFL starter, why not? The contract details would have to work, but opportunities could become available.

Gutekunst has hinted at potentially trading for a veteran. That leads to the next question: Who?

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