4 injured Packers who could return just in time for playoff run

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2. Luke Musgrave, TE

One of the more underrated losses for the Green Bay Packers in recent weeks has been emerging second-round tight end Luke Musgrave, who was becoming a bigger part of the offensive gameplan every single week. Musgrave, a second-round pick out of Oregon State, has all of the talent in the world to be a dynamic presence at the tight end position, but staying healthy is part of the reason he maybe fell to the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft.

The rookie has 33 catches for 341 yards and a touchdown this season, but the Packers know he can make a major difference as this team pursues the playoffs.

With a lacerated kidney, of course Musgrave is going to have to be very careful if he's going to return this season. A return to the field is uncertain at best right now, but if the Packers do make the playoffs, perhaps that will be enough time for Musgrave to get back onto the field.

In the meantime, they'll continue to lean on fellow rookie Tucker Kraft, who has also been showing some tremendous signs of progress, but to have both of those young tight ends healthy for the playoffs would be incredible to see. Hopefully, Musgrave is able to get there.