4 injured Packers who could return just in time for playoff run

Green Bay Packers
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4. Jaire Alexander, CB

What's great news for the Green Bay Packers is that cornerback Jaire Alexander, out of everyone on this list of injured players who could come back to help the team make a playoff run, is probably going to be the one to come back the soonest.

Alexander practiced every day last week leading up to the matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs, but the Packers held him out. They've hopefully done their part by giving him the appropriate and perhaps even extra time needed to properly recover from his shoulder injury.

When the Packers have Jaire Alexander on the field, they boast one of the best cornerbacks in the entire NFL. Alexander is a true shutdown type of player, capable of taking away an entire side of the field when he's on top of his game. Having that kind of advantage defensively helps every other area on that side of the ball.

On top of Jaire Alexander coming back into the lineup, the Packers might get Eric Stokes back in the near future as well. This team could be nearing full strength for a playoff run in the secondary, and with the rest of the defense playing extremely well on this current run the Packers have been on, this team could simply be taking it to the next level in the near future.

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