Jonathan Taylor blockbuster and 4 other trades Packers must make before deadline

What trades do the Green Bay Packers need to make before this year's deadline?
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The Green Bay Packers are 2-2 after a pretty disappointing home loss to the Detroit Lions in Week 4. Despite the fact that this team is 2-2 and has a very young roster, general manager Brian Gutekunst might have an opportunity to add impact players to his roster at the 2023 NFL trade deadline and give a serious run at not only an NFC Wild Card playoff spot, but the NFC North.

How can the Packers put together a roster to contend with the Lions right now? Or if the Minnesota Vikings begin making a little comeback?

There are some trades this team could make to really put their roster in a great position. One obvious trade rumor that's been floating around in the last month or so is obviously one that would bring Jonathan Taylor back to the state of Wisconsin and potentially give the Packers a lethal duo between he and Aaron Jones.

What other trades could this team look into? Are there any that make sense?

Jonathan Taylor blockbuster and 4 other trades for Green Bay Packers

1. Jonathan Taylor trade needs to go down

Because the Packers have already been connected to this potential blockbuster trade, I think it makes sense to continue connecting them. No matter what gets reported...

Yes, trading for Jonathan Taylor is likely to cost more draft capital than you'd ideally give up for a running back, but the Packers could potentially drive the price down at least a little bit if they include someone like AJ Dillon in this trade with the Colts.

That would give the Colts a player on an expiring deal at a position they need someone to shoulder some of the load, and it would allow the Packers to perhaps just give the Colts a second-round pick instead of multiple picks.

Ultimately, the potential of having Aaron Jones and Jonathan Taylor together in this Green Bay backfield sets up Jordan Love for a ton of success. Those are two guys you can really lean on in the running game as well as in the passing game.