3 key starters Packers could get back from injury for the playoffs

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Luke Musgrave

Yes, Luke Musgrave returned from injury in Week 18 against the Chicago Bears, but he only played nine snaps. Musgrave came up with an important 11-yard catch on the Packers' game-sealing drive, but Matt LaFleur eased him back into action.

Hopefully, he can take on a more significant role in the wild-card round. Musgrave was healthy enough to return for the regular-season finale, and another seven days of recovery could help him get closer to 100 percent.

Tucker Kraft stepped up in Musgrave's absence, catching 23 passes for 281 yards and two touchdowns in the six games he missed. Kraft's blocking has come a long way since early in the season, too. It's like watching a different player.

Pairing Kraft with Musgrave is something we haven't seen much yet. Having both rookie tight ends available will open up the playbook for Matt LaFleur, given their versatility to block and catch passes. Musgrave's return will add the game-changing speed and vertical receiving ability the Packers have missed.

Musgrave was beginning to hit his stride before his injury, catching five passes for 115 yards and a touchdown in the two games before he got hurt. His return is significant for Green Bay's offense.

Hopefully, Musgrave can play alongside Kraft more frequently in the wild-card round. He can be a difference-maker for the Packers in the postseason.

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