7 Packers who are likely entering their final season in 2024

Which Packers could be playing their last seasons in Green Bay in 2024?
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3. Josh Myers, C

The Green Bay Packers have invested a lot of draft capital in the offensive line in recent years, and they've done a tremendous job of developing the talent they've added no matter what round of the draft we're talking about. As we await what the "best five" will look like for the 2024 season with the addition of first-round pick Jordan Morgan to the fray, one player's situation that bears monitoring is former second-round pick Josh Myers.

The Packers drafted three offensive linemen in 2024, including a couple of Day 3 picks in Jacob Monk and Travis Glover. It's not a foregone conclusion that Myers will be gone, but the Packers have players who could take over after this year, and they would probably be plenty confident to draft a replacement plug-and-play option if Myers is able to get $8-10 million per year on a new deal in free agency.

4. AJ Dillon, RB

Quite frankly, it's shocking that we're still talking about AJ Dillon as a Packers player. Just about everyone thought he would be gone this offseason after the Packers signed Josh Jacobs because Dillon was a free agent and presumably would have had plenty of options elsewhere.

That doesn't seem to have been the case. Dillon's market must have been ice cold because he and the Packers came to an agreement on a one-year deal that is basically unprecedented. A rare contract exception was used to get him back in the fold, but after the Packers signed Dillon to a very team-friendly deal, they used the 88th overall pick on MarShawn Lloyd. And he's going to play.

Forget the 2024 season being Dillon's last in Green Bay -- he may not make it out of training camp.

5. Preston Smith, EDGE

Preston Smith is currently the oldest player on the Green Bay Packers' roster. He's the only player on the team who is 30 or older (he will be 32 this season), and while that's not exactly a bad thing, it's something the Packers will take into account when you look at how well they have been developing talent in recent years.

The Packers gave a long-term deal to Rashan Gary recently, and they used a first-round pick on Lukas Van Ness off the edge. Smith is slated to account for over $17 million on next year's cap, and the Packers could save around $8 million by letting him go. If Van Ness and other young players are ready for an expanded role, Smith could get the axe.