7 Packers who are likely entering their final season in 2024

Which Packers could be playing their last seasons in Green Bay in 2024?
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6. Jaire Alexander, CB

I'm not saying the Green Bay Packers are going to completely gut their roster after this coming season, but I do believe that Jaire Alexander is one option for a surprise cut or trade after the 2024 season, depending on how things go.

Over the last three seasons, Alexander has missed quite a bit of time due to injury, and he was suspended for a game by the team itself last year. Is he falling out of favor with Brian Gutekunst and Matt LaFleur? When Alexander is healthy and right, he's one of the better cornerbacks in the league.

Still, you can't help but feel like something is off between Alexander and the Packers, and we'll need to see a strong year in 2024 to believe he's a lock to stick around in 2025.

7. Royce Newman/Andre Dillard, OL

As previously mentioned, the Packers have done an awesome job of drafting and developing on the offensive line in recent years. Something went amiss with Royce Newman after his rookie season and he was replaced last year as a replacement player. It's going to be relatively surprising if he makes it to the 53-man roster, much less beyond the 2024 season. He's a free agent in 2025 and will be playing elsewhere sooner rather than later.

Green Bay would save over $3 million by releasing Newman this year, which is another factor to consider.

The Packers also added former first-round tackle Andre Dillard in a move I quite like. Any time you can take a low-risk chance on a first-round player, I think teams should do that. Dillard was a first-rounder for the Eagles and gives the Packers a low-risk, possibly high-reward option at an important position.

But with Rasheed Walker, Zach Tom, and Jordan Morgan on the roster, this year might be one-and-done for Dillard.

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