Packers: Matt LaFleur makes an Aaron Jones promise he can't keep

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers / Kayla Wolf/GettyImages

When the Green Bay Packers get Aaron Jones the football, they play their best football offensively.

It's not rocket science. It isn't complicated. When Jones is heavily featured in the game plan, good things happen. He helps the offense find rhythm, makes explosive plays, and can swing a game with one moment of brilliance.

Perhaps it should be encouraging to hear LaFleur's latest comments. LaFleur told reporters on Friday that he is "ready to cut him loose." Was he implying Jones is in line for a heavy workload on Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams?

We probably shouldn't get too excited and only believe it when we see it.

Packers need to get Aaron Jones more involved, but will they?

Jones has played 66 games for the Packers under Matt LaFleur. He has been given 20+ carries in only six of those matchups.

Every time LaFleur gives Jones a heavy workload, he delivers. In those six games with 20+ attempts, Jones is averaging 132.7 rushing yards at an incredible 5.9 yards per attempt. He actually gets better in the games he is featured heavily.

And so do the Packers. Under LaFleur, Green Bay is 5-1 when Jones has 20 or more rushing attempts.

Jones hit 100+ yards in all six games, scored five rushing touchdowns, and averaged no worse than 4.0 yards per attempt in any of the contests.

Yet despite that success, LaFleur rarely gives Jones enough opportunities. It's hard to understand.

So, why would it change now?

This isn't the first time LaFleur has spoken about getting Jones more involved. He has said in post-game press conferences that Jones didn't get enough of the ball, seemingly forgetting that he was the one controlling Jones' touches.

Jones is still on the injury report due to the hamstring issue he suffered in Week 1. He was limited at practice all week and wore a red non-contact jersey when the Packers practiced in pads.

Jones has played three games since injuring his hamstring. He had five carries against Detroit, eight versus Denver, and seven in last week's loss to Minnesota. Why is LaFleur only now willing to give him a heavy workload?

If he is a man of his word and Jones is given a featured role, the Packers have a good chance to win, especially if the Rams are without Matthew Stafford.

But that's a big if.

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