4 Packers who have miraculously saved their jobs this season

Which Green Bay Packers have saved their jobs in miracle fashion?

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3. Christian Watson

One thing that is so important to remember in the NFL is that growth is almost never linear. What do we mean by that? Well, it means that a player might not pick up exactly where he left off at the end of a previous season and just continue an upward trajectory. Things might get harder for them in year two or three. They might have flashes of brilliance and moments of frustration.

Of course, in the case of Christian Watson, growth has been anything but linear and very much explosive throughout moments in his first two seasons. He showed off his elite potential as a rookie with seven touchdowns and an average of almost 15 yards per reception. People assumed he would just jump right into being the clear WR1 for the Packers this season but that hasn't happened.

Watson has struggled with dropped passes, the Packers had given some of his snaps to other players, and injuries have also factored in. But lately, Watson has really reminded folks of the promise he has as a go-to threat in the passing game.

He has at least one touchdown in three straight games for the Packers, including a pair of scores against the Chiefs. His catch percentage this season has been hovering just above 50 percent, but he caught 71.4 percent of his targets against the Lions and 77.8 percent against Kansas City.

We all hope he's alright after seemingly suffering another hamstring injury against the Chiefs.