Tee Higgins trade shakes up Packers 7-round 2024 NFL mock draft

The Green Bay Packers can win the offseason with this kind of draft.

Tee Higgins
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Round 2: Packers trade for Tee Higgins

Tee Higgins trade

The Packers have a pair of second-round picks in the 2024 NFL Draft, and I can't think of a better use for one of them than to trade for Tee Higgins. Shockingly, Higgins is just a year older than Christian Watson. The Packers are in a position where they could give Higgins a long-term contract and make him the WR1 for Jordan Love.

The trade market right now doesn't seem like it's going to be favorable to the Bengals, so let's say the Packers can get him for the 58th overall pick and a future selection. Who says no in that scenario? The Packers would have to deal with what to do with Christian Watson, probably trading him to someone else or maybe even including him in this deal. But the opportunity to spend one of these picks on Tee Higgins would be a tremendous investment.

The Packers proved with the Josh Jacobs move that they are willing to move on from established players to get even better guys in the building.

Having Higgins to feature in the passing game would elevate Green Bay's offense to the next level. If Higgins is truly on the market, the Packers would be fools not to look into it.