3 moves Green Bay Packers must make entering Week 3

  • Upgraded depth at RB?
  • Veteran WR help?
  • Moves to make before Week 3
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2. Packers should sign RB Leonard Fournette

Once again, there is no immediate need to sign a player like Leonard Fournette to the 53-man roster so he can come in and eat up 15-20 touches per game or anything like that, but I really like the idea of the Packers fortifying depth at the running back position with Fournette coming into the fold if they can make it happen for a reasonable price.

We saw the Packers running game struggle a bit in Week 2 when Aaron Jones couldn't play. If there comes a time or stretch of time where Jones isn't able to go for the Packers, wouldn't you rather see someone like Fournette paired up with AJ Dillon than the youngster Emanuel Wilson?

Maybe you wouldn't, but Fournette is proven, tested, an asset in the passing game, and a solid veteran at this point. Again, all of these moves have to come at the right price, and at this point in the year, you'd likely be getting Fournette for a major bargain.

Get him in the building, get him acclimated to the offense, and let him contribute as the need arises. One thing adding Fournette now could potentially do is help the Packers move AJ Dillon at the NFL trade deadline. Not saying that is a foregone conclusion, but there were some rumors that Dillon could be traded in the offseason, and the Packers might just look to get the value they can for him at the deadline if they have a veteran like Fournette to fall back on.