3 moves Green Bay Packers must make entering Week 3

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3. Packers should sign TE OJ Howard

One of the greatest things the NFL has done in recent years is not only the expansion of the practice squad to 16 players, but also the ability for teams to include veterans among those 16 players. I don't see any reason at this point why some NFL team hasn't at least stashed OJ Howard on their practice squad in case of emergency.


Howard was a first-round pick out of Alabama in 2017. He has outstanding size and speed and put that on display in his first handful of NFL seasons, averaging almost 16 yards per reception through his first three seasons with the Buccaneers before injuries started to invade his NFL career.

Howard has been battling some injuries in recent years, but he contributed 10 receptions for 145 yards and a pair of touchdowns for the Houston Texans last season and clearly still has that big-play ability.


The Packers have a young tight end position group and if one of their young studs at this position goes down with injury, I really like the idea of Howard as a potential reclamation project. You could stash him on the practice squad until he's acclimated to the offense, and then see what you've got down the line.

With his speed and athleticism, I'm surprised this hasn't happened already, even with the risk of injury being there. The Packers could be the team to do the right thing and take a shot on Howard's talent. He is still only 28.

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