Packers News: Jaire Alexander mystery, concerning AJ Dillon update, Aaron Jones

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AJ Dillon confirms he has broken thumb

AJ Dillon's status for Week 15 is up in the air. Dillon revealed that he broke his thumb in the loss to the Giants on Monday night.

"We're just taking it day by day. Just trying to see how I'm feeling as it's going, stuff like that moving forward," said Dillon.

There's no questioning Dillon's toughness. He remained in the game after the injury. The issue is with ball security. Playing with a broken thumb would likely limit Dillon to using only one hand, which could cause issues with fumbles and catching passes. Packers offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich said this is something they are figuring out.

Even if Dillon plays, it's unlikely he will be close to 100 percent. He likely won't be able to contribute much in the receiving game, and carrying the football becomes a greater challenge with an injury like this.

Hopefully, Aaron Jones can return for Week 15, but if the Packers' top two running backs are sidelined, they will rely on backup Patrick Taylor and new addition Kenyan Drake to take on the majority of the work out of the backfield.

Dillon could still play this week, but how limited he would be is the concern, not just for this week but the remainder of the regular season.