5 offseason moves that make Packers GM Brian Gutekunst look like a genius

Packers GM Brian Gutekunst pulled a lot of the right strings in 2023.
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Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst has come under a lot of fire over the last handful of years for the way he has been building this roster. Of course, the Aaron Rodgers saga has dominated the headlines, but other things have caused outrage not only amongst Packers fans, but NFL pundits and analysts in general.

Gutekunst was put under the microscope for not using first-round draft picks on offensive skill players. The Packers are consistently drawing the ire of many because of their lack of involvement and activity in free agency.

But one of the youngest rosters around the entire NFL has played well in 2023. Well, enough to potentially make the playoffs.

What moves made by Gutekunst in the offseason have him looking like an absolute genius these days?

1. Trading Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets

Alright, let's get this one out of the way because I think it has to be discussed. Obviously, the trade of Aaron Rodgers came a year too late, but I still think this move has Gutekunst looking like a genius right now. The Packers and Jets agreed to a first-round pick swap in 2023, which was bordering on inconsequential, but the Packers also landed multiple second-round picks in this trade with the Jets.

The first one ended up being tight end Luke Musgrave (42nd overall pick) and the second one is yet to be determined. The Packers will get the Jets' second-round pick in 2024 as Rodgers's injury in the first game of the season has not allowed him to play 65 percent (or more) of the Jets' offensive snaps this year. Still, that pick is shaping up to be relatively high and Luke Musgrave looks like a stud.

Again, the Packers probably traded Rodgers a year too late, but I still think this move was a good one for Gutekunst, especially with Jordan Love playing pretty well in the absence of Rodgers.

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