5 offseason moves that make Packers GM Brian Gutekunst look like a genius

Packers GM Brian Gutekunst pulled a lot of the right strings in 2023.

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2. Drafting Jayden Reed

Although the Packers and Brian Gutekunst have come under some fire for not investing first-round picks at the receiver position, you certainly can't deny that this team has potentially found a couple of long-term fixtures in round two over the last two draft classes.

Christian Watson has been inconsistent, and injuries have been limiting him, but he looks like a stud when he's out there on the field (most of the time). But I think Jayden Reed is establishing himself as arguably the favorite target of Jordan Love in his rookie season.

Reed, a second-round pick out of Michigan State, has 65 total touches this season and 711 yards from scrimmage as of the time of this writing, as well as eight touchdowns. This pick -- the 50th overall selection in the 2023 NFL Draft -- is looking like an absolute home run.

3. Drafting two tight ends early in 2023

One of the strategies I love the most for teams in the NFL Draft is to double up (or more, sometimes) on position groups that are strongest in the class. The Packers have employed that strategy frequently (if not annually) under Brian Gutekunst. They used two picks early in the 2023 NFL Draft on the tight end position, a position group that obviously needed some serious attention in the offseason.

Going with a youth movement at tight end is a bold decision, but it's paid off for the Packers. Luke Musgrave looked like he was on his way to a stellar rookie year before suffering a lacerated kidney, but he'll be a fixture going forward.

Former South Dakota State product Tucker Kraft got off to a slow start, but after the injury to Musgrave, he's stepped in and ever since that Chargers game back in November, it feels like Kraft has started coming into his own.