5 players who are playing their way out of Packers plans in 2024

Who's playing their way out of the Packers' 2024 plans right now?
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2. De'Vondre Campbell, LB

Sunday's game against the Buccaneers was one to forget for linebacker De'Vondre Campbell, wasn't it?

Come to think of it, that game against the New York Giants didn't exactly go much better, did it?

Campbell has a salary cap hit over $14.4 million next season. He was obviously one of the Packers' best defensive players at one point, but are those days firmly in the past? Pro Football Focus credited Campbell with 135 passing yards allowed in coverage against the Buccaneers.

Of course, putting him in coverage against Chris Godwin went about as well as you could have expected.

Still, the guy the Packers gave the big contract to once upon a time doesn't appear to be the same guy throwing on the No. 59 jersey these days. The Packers might have to move on after this season.

3. Eric Stokes, CB

We know general manager Brian Gutekunst is not going to easily part with his former first-round picks, especially those as talented as Eric Stokes. And Stokes plays a premium position.

But at some point, availability is the best "ability." Stokes has been available for just two games (so far) this season and he was only available for nine games last season. When you're counting on a former first-round pick to play such a pivotal role at a crucial position, you can't be scrambling week to week to find out who is going to be playing corner for you.

It'll be interesting to see what Gutekunst decides in 2024. Perhaps if the Packers really do pull the trigger and make a change at defensive coordinator, they could trade Stokes and make wholesale changes at the cornerback position.