Ranking Packers position groups from worst to best in 2023

  • Big year incoming for pass rush
  • WR group is young, but talented
  • More question marks than weaknesses?
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It's a new dawn for the Green Bay Packers. The Aaron Rodgers era is over, and the Packers are moving on starting with a Week 1 matchup against the Chicago Bears. The Packers have one of the NFL's youngest rosters in 2023. As a matter of fact, the Packers have the youngest roster in the NFL right now, which is pretty astounding.

Why is this astounding? Well, the Packers don't really strike as a team that is rebuilding. A lot will hinge on the play of quarterback Jordan Love, but this is a talented team from top to bottom that could surprise a lot of people.

Let's take a look at the roster as a whole and rank each position group from worst to best.

Ranking Green Bay Packers roster position groups worst to best in 2023

11. Specialists (kicker, punter, long snapper)

  • Kicker: Anders Carlson
  • Punter: Daniel Whelan
  • Long snapper: Matt Orzech

This is one of the more unproven position groups on the entire Packers roster. Green Bay is rolling with an unproven kicker and punter going into this season. That's a big deal for a team like Green Bay, where kicking in the elements later in the season is undoubtedly something that can swing games one direction or the other.

Rookie Anders Carlson will be tasked with doing the kicking and he's got a booming leg, as does punter Daniel Whelan. Matt Orzech, the long snapper, is a seasoned veteran at this point. But for the time being, this remains the most unproven position group on the team.