3 potential landing spots for Packers tackle David Bakhtiari in 2024

Where could the longtime Green Bay Packers left tackle end up?

Green Bay Packers
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2. Los Angeles Rams

In addition to always looking out for destinations where players have a lot of connections, I think you also have to look back at their roots. A lot of times, NFL players will do some title chasing at the end of their careers, or depending on what they've accomplished, they might want to go close to "home" and finish their careers where everything got started.

The Los Angeles Rams fit for David Bakhtiari, in that case, because he's a native of San Mateo, California. Logistically speaking, the San Francisco 49ers would currently qualify as the closest team to San Mateo, and the Raiders would have previously qualified, but neither the 49ers nor the Raiders need a left tackle.

The current left tackle for the Los Angeles Rams is Alaric Jackson. With all due respect to the former Hawkeye, I think the Rams could be in pursuit of an upgrade there. Especially after the Rams really took a shot and missed with Joe Noteboom, who was supposed to take over that left tackle spot from Andrew Whitworth.

You've got a great coaching connection between Matt LaFleur and Sean McVay, two former disciples of Mike Shanahan and the QB collective who have gone their separate ways and had individual success, but also who run a similar operation. This would be a relatively seamless transition for Bakhtiari, and I think he'd be interested in the idea of heading back to California if possible.