3 potential landing spots for Packers tackle David Bakhtiari in 2024

Where could the longtime Green Bay Packers left tackle end up?
Green Bay Packers
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3. Denver Broncos

I want to throw a wild-card option in as the third team name, and the Denver Broncos could be an intriguing fit for David Bakhtiari on a one-year deal.

The Denver Broncos currently have Garett Bolles in their starting lineup, and he's done a good job, but Bolles is set to account for $20 million against Denver's 2024 salary cap. The Broncos are going to have to find ways to get under the cap, and although I'm sure they'd love to renegotiate Bolles's deal, players aren't always amenable to that.

The Broncos could be in the market for a quick fix at the left tackle position in 2024 as a result, and Bakhtiari could return to the state in which he played his college football in this scenario.

That may not be overly important to Bakhtiari at this point in time, but Sean Payton is not likely to mess around with the quality of his offensive line. And an intriguing selling point for Bakhtiari could be the health of the Denver Broncos' roster as a whole in 2023. Sean Payton brought in an all-new staff to Denver in 2023, including the training staff and strength/conditioning staff. Their injury reports have been rather clean all season.

Perhaps the Broncos' training staff can help Bakhtiari finish his career healthy and strong.

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