Packers president gives Aaron Rodgers one final shove out the door

Mark Murphy just can't help himself.
New York Jets Training Camp
New York Jets Training Camp / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

How can you not love Mark Murphy? His No. 1 priority is the success of the Green Bay Packers.

Sometimes, though, he says more than he should.

From calling Aaron Rodgers a "complicated fella" to saying the Packers would bring back the four-time MVP "if things don't work out the way that we would want them" while Rodgers was still on the roster.

But whether you love him or hate him, there's no denying Murphy's priority is to always put the Packers' best interests first. And that is perfectly summed up by his latest comments about Rodgers.

Packers president wishes losing season on Aaron Rodgers' Jets (Video)

Packers fans will keep a close eye on the New York Jets this season. Of course, there is interest in how Rodgers and several other former Packers will perform.

Also, one of the Packers' 2024 draft picks is tied to the Jets' performance this season. If Rodgers plays 65% of the snaps, New York will send its first-rounder to Green Bay. Anything lower than that, and it's a second-rounder.

In any case, the more games the Jets lose, the higher the pick becomes.

And Murphy is fully aware of that, and he won't be wishing Rodgers a successful first season in the Big Apple.

"Sixty-five percent! Honestly, I hope everything goes well. I want him to play 65%, but it would be really good if the Jets had a bad year because (we'd have) a very high pick," Murphy said in an interview with 97.3 The Game.

Again, how can you not love him?

Many executives would've given a boring answer, wished Rodgers well, and not made a comment on the potential draft pick the team could receive.

Murphy isn't bothered by any of that. He wants the Packers to get a higher draft pick. While he wishes Rodgers well, his top priority is the success of the Packers.

This season that means rooting against the Jets. And he's not wrong.

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