5 Jordan Love replacements Packers need to start thinking about after Week 5 loss

What options do the Green Bay Packers have beyond Jordan Love in 2024?
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3. Dak Prescott could be on the block in 2024

At this point, it wouldn't surprise me if Dak Prescott got a change of scenery for the 2024 season. Things with he and the Dallas Cowboys have seemingly reached an impasse when it comes to his contract situation, but Dak has also not given them reason on the field to just back up the Brink's truck and pay him whatever he wants.

Just because guys are getting paid all around the NFL doesn't mean Dak Prescott should be setting a new NFL contract record or anything. I think he is one of the better QBs in the game, and I think he might benefit a little bit from a change of scenery.

Things in Dallas may have simply gotten to the point where those two would be better off without each other, going their separate ways. Now, just like a potential Kyler Murray trade, any trade involving Prescott would be of the blockbuster variety, likely costing the Packers multiple first-round picks.

That's not really Brian Gutekunst's style at all, but keep in mind that the Packers have been very successful at drafting in recent years and they have built up a very talented roster overall, one that might be suited to making a blockbuster quarterback trade.

Not only would trading for Dak Prescott cost a lot of NFL Draft capital, but it would also cost the Packers a lot of cash. Do they have this kind of move in their budget?