5 Jordan Love replacements Packers need to start thinking about after Week 5 loss

What options do the Green Bay Packers have beyond Jordan Love in 2024?
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4. Could Broncos QB Russell Wilson be a bridge option in Green Bay?

Although folks were quick to make fun of Russell Wilson in 2022 for the horrendous season he had in his first year with the Denver Broncos, Wilson has bounced back quite well so far in the 2023 season.

Under new head coach Sean Payton, Wilson has gone from looking like he forgot how to play the game in 2022 to looking like vintage DangeRuss in 2023. He is tied for second in the NFL in touchdown passes (11) through five games so far this season, and has looked fresh as a runner. Last year, people were wondering if Russ had permanently lost a step.

Turns out, he just needed to "lighten up" a bit.

But things in Denver still have not turned around. Russell Wilson hasn't been able to do what Peyton Manning did a decade a go, and single-handedly take the Denver Broncos from a bad/okay team to being a legitimate Super Bowl contender. That's what many expected of Wilson, however, and the failure to meet those expectations could lead to a surprise situation where he asks out of Denver, or where the Broncos simply move on in 2024.

Perhaps the Broncos will be bad enough in 2023 to earn the right to pick either Caleb Williams or Drake Maye. The Packers will find out in Week 7 just how good the Broncos are when they travel to Denver to face them. But could that also be a glimpse of the Packers' QB1 in 2024? I don't think it would cost an arm and a leg to trade for Russ, given his contract, but the Broncos could be looking to move on and they certainly would take the extra NFL Draft picks.