5 Jordan Love replacements Packers need to start thinking about after Week 5 loss

What options do the Green Bay Packers have beyond Jordan Love in 2024?
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5. Could the Packers convince Kirk Cousins to come to Green Bay in free agency?

One of the top free agents available in 2024 is going to be Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. Depending on the circumstances, it wouldn't be overly surprising to see the Vikings move on from Cousins and give the big money to Justin Jefferson, hoping to land a young quarterback on a rookie contract to pay some of their other guys.

Losing Cousins would be tough for Minnesota, but the team has been spinning those wheels since 2018 at this point.

Everyone remembers once upon a time when Brett Favre was so hellbent on playing for the Minnesota Vikings. Perhaps if the Vikings as an organization decide that Cousins is the primary reason for their struggles, he will take that personally and want to go and play against them twice a year.

A quarterback like Cousins would do wonders for the Packers' young wide receiver and tight end group. As we have seen in Minnesota, Cousins does an awesome job of spreading the ball around and making stars out of his playmakers. He could potentially do the same with the Packers if he gets to free agency while also having the chance to stick it to the Vikings twice a year.


Unfortunately, if the Packers do decide to move on from Jordan Love, some of the better options realistically available will only provide a short-term fix. Kirk Cousins and Russell Wilson are older players at this point. Is that really the direction this Green Bay team wants to go?

One way or another, if Jordan Love can't pick things up quickly and start looking like a franchise QB, it might be an offseason of quarterback shopping for a team that barely ever visits that store.

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