Packers schedule 2024: Ranking the most important games this season

Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

When Aaron Rodgers left, the Green Bay Packers were supposed to enter a multi-year rebuild while learning the harsh reality of life without a franchise quarterback.

Well, that didn't take long. We're back.

Jordan Love is about to land a massive new contract and lead the Packers into the 2024 season with rising expectations. He helped his team reach the final four in the NFC and come painfully close to eliminating the San Francisco 49ers.

The Packers face a tough schedule to get back into the postseason, especially in a competitive division. Every game is important, but these five could significantly impact the standings by the time January arrives.

5 most important games on Packers schedule 2024

5. Packers at Eagles (Week 1)

There are pros and cons to moving the season opener to Brazil. Travel could be an issue, but the Packers must embrace the positives. This is no longer a true road game, and Green Bay gets to play in a stadium likely filled with Packers fans.

Not only is this one of the toughest games on the schedule, but also an important one.

This can be a tone-setter for the Packers. Despite Philadelphia's awful end to last season, a bounce-back to the top of the NFC is expected this year. If Green Bay can leave Brazil with a victory, it will take an important head-to-head tiebreaker over an NFC rival and put one win on the board with nine of the remaining 16 games to come at Lambeau Field.

4. Packers at Rams (Week 5)

The Los Angeles Rams finally get their wish. They were sick of playing cold games at Lambeau Field and even asked the league to play last year's game in Green Bay early in the season. Now, the Rams get the Packers in their own stadium.

Green Bay has beaten Los Angeles four seasons in a row, including a playoff victory. Keeping this winning run alive could have huge playoff implications. Neither the Packers nor Rams are guaranteed to win their divisions, but they should be in the battle for a postseason berth. A win would hand Green Bay a crucial head-to-head tiebreaker.

3. Packers vs. 49ers (Week 12)

Only a playoff win over the San Francisco 49ers will make up for last season's heartbreaking exit, but Green Bay gets a chance to make a statement in this rematch at Lambeau Field. The Packers believe they can make a Super Bowl run this season and can prove it by taking down arguably the NFC's best team.

With so many challenging games on the schedule, the Packers must get the job done at home. They finished strong at Lambeau last year, which included a win over the Kansas City Chiefs. For momentum, confidence, and to get a crucial NFC win, the Packers can't lose this one.

2. Packers vs. Bears (Week 18)

Caleb Williams used to root for Aaron Rodgers and the Packers. Now, Chicago Bears fans believe he is the quarterback they have been searching for to finally beat Green Bay.

The NFC North could be the most competitive division in the league. Detroit is the team to beat, but Chicago could enter the playoff race. Winning division games is always crucial, especially at home, but there's the added element that the Packers can't lose in their first home game against the Bears with Williams. It's Week 18, and a playoff berth could be on the line.

1. Packers vs. Lions (Week 9)

The Lions are the team to beat in the NFC North, and they could be even better this season. If the Packers have any chance of taking back the division crown, they must hold serve at home against their division rivals. Especially the Lions.

Detroit embarrassed Green Bay at Lambeau last season and has won two in a row there. The Packers must win the big games in their own stadium to become serious contenders in the NFC, especially against their number one challenger for the division title.

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