Packers schedule: Predicting the score of all 4 remaining games

Can the Green Bay Packers find a way to win the majority of their final four games?
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Week 16: Green Bay Packers @ Carolina Panthers

Sunday, December 24, Noon CT

This one might be about as close to a "gimme" as you're going to get over the final four games of the season. The Green Bay Packers have some tough games remaining on their schedule, but with the way the Carolina Panthers have played this season, you don't even really get the impression that this one should be all that tough.

Of course, we all know...any given Sunday...

Yes, there's always a chance of anything happening, especially when you talk about going on the road and playing another NFL team, but I just don't see any way the Panthers are beating this Packers team, barring the Packers making a boatload of mistakes.

Again, anything is possible.

If the Packers can pull out a win at home in Week 15, they'd be heading to Carolina with some renewed confidence and an opportunity to get back up above .500. I think that's attainable given Bryce Young's struggles this season. The top pick in the 2023 NFL Draft has not been good this season, which has been disappointing to see. On paper, it looked like the Panthers did everything right to surround him with a good coaching staff, but ultimately, that couldn't be further from reality.

He has struggled badly, and I think the Packers are going to make life hard on him as well.

Prediction: Packers win 27-16 (8-7)