Packers schedule: Predicting the score of all 4 remaining games

Can the Green Bay Packers find a way to win the majority of their final four games?
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Week 18: Chicago Bears @ Green Bay Packers

Sunday, January 7, 1:00 PM CT

If the Green Bay Packers can rip off three straight wins going into this game against the Chicago Bears, they should be in really good shape. I do think nine wins will be enough to get into one of those three Wild Card spots in the NFC, but will the Chicago Bears be playing for a spot if eight wins are enough to get in?

It looks possible as of right now.

The Bears are suddenly resurgent with a healthy Justin Fields. They just pulled off an upset over the Detroit Lions, and have won three of their last four games. I know they are separated by two games with the Vikings, but the Bears look like the more intriguing potential playoff team compared to Minnesota right now.

Of course, Chicago is going to have to find a way to get to 7-9 at this point at the very least, if not 8-8. I don't think the Bears are going to win all of the rest of their games, but I do think that in a one-game vacuum, they pose a rather intriguing threat to the Packers here.

Even playing at home, I think this is a dangerous game for Green Bay. I don't think the Packers are necessarily going to win their four remaining games. I think there's at least one loss in there, but where's it going to come from? Don't be surprised if it's against this Chicago Bears team, which is playing better under Justin Fields and has turned things around a bit defensively as well.

Prediction: Bears win 24-20 (9-8)

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