3 Packers players already getting screwed in Pro Bowl voting

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Rudy Ford

Pro Bowl voting is often a popularity contest. It's common for star players to make the Pro Bowl even in years when several other players outperform them. Rudy Ford is slipping under the radar despite having a dominant season in Green Bay.

Ford wasn't even guaranteed a starting job at safety over the summer, but he has made the most of his opportunities in a big way.

Ford already has a career-best 59 tackles despite only playing in nine games so far this season. He also has two interceptions and a career-high five pass defenses.

He has been excellent in coverage. According to Pro Football Reference, Ford has allowed only 14 completions on 23 targets for 139 yards, one touchdown, and two interceptions. Quarterbacks have earned a passer rating of just 56.2 throwing his way.

Ford has exceeded expectations this season. He is a free agent in the offseason but has done more than enough to land a new deal in Green Bay. Ford has proven he is a capable starter at safety who can make an impact against the run and in coverage. His five interceptions in two seasons for the Packers show his ability to make game-changing plays.

He has played at a Pro Bowl level in 2023.

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