3 players skyrocketing up Packers depth chart after first preseason game

  • Rookie running back delivers
  • Could Packers keep six receivers?
  • Backup tackle makes an impressive start

Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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The Green Bay Packers made an encouraging start to the preseason. More important than the victory were several impressive individual performances.

It wasn't perfect -- some Packers players' stock has plummeted following the preseason opener. However, the positive takeaways far outweighed the negatives.

Matt LaFleur had most of the starters feature for two possessions before leaving the rest of the game to the backups. These three players made the most of their opportunities in the win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

3. Emanuel Wilson, RB

Emanuel Wilson's name was rarely brought up in conversation about the RB3 competition. The focus was on Patrick Taylor, Tyler Goodson, and Lew Nichols III.

Wilson changed everything with his performance against the Bengals. He had six carries for 111 yards and two touchdowns, including an excellent 80-yard touchdown run. The Packers can't ignore him now.

The rookie running back is in the mix for the top backup job behind Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon.

It's important for Wilson to show he can block and contribute on special teams. That's the key to winning the third running back job. Wilson still has work to do to overtake Taylor and Goodson on the depth chart, but he has closed the gap considerably.

If Wilson can continue to dominate in the preseason, he could force the Packers to find room for him on the 53-man roster.