7 under-the-radar Packers targets to watch at the NFL Combine

Green Bay Packers
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4. Dylan Laube, RB, New Hampshire

It probably won't be long before New Hampshire running back Dylan Laube can't be considered "underrated" anymore, but for the time being, he fits this category.

The Packers will be in the market for some running back help this offseason with AJ Dillon slated for free agency, and Laube has a really intriguing skill set as an all-purpose back who truly did it all at New Hampshire. He was tremendous as a traditional running back, but did great work as a receiver and return specialist as well.

Laube had an awesome week at the Senior Bowl and will undoubtedly continue to improve his stock at the Combine.

5. Kamari Lassiter, CB, Georgia

Kamari Lassiter is from Georgia, so you know he's going to have a gold star next to his name on Brian Gutekunst's draft board.

All kidding aside, it wouldn't be shocking at all to see Lassiter fit exactly what the Packers are looking for, possibly even as early as the first round if he tests well at the Combine. Lassiter offers the ability to play in the nickel if need be, which could buy the Packers at least one more year with another former Georgia corner in Eric Stokes.

This is the type of player who could really elevate the Green Bay defense with his combination of versatility and aggressiveness attacking in the running game.