Packers have a uniform controversy brewing for Week 1 vs. Eagles

The Packers and Eagles might be forced to not wear green.
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers, Jordan Love / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers will take part in the NFL's first game in Brazil against the Philadelphia Eagles in September.

Packers president Mark Murphy had concerns about a potential "competitive disadvantage" they could face due to travel concerns. The size of the airport in Green Bay could impact the team's travel plans to Brazil.

However, a bigger problem could actually be with both team's uniforms.

According to The Guardian, there is an "informal ban on the color green" at Corinthians Arena, where the Packers and Eagles will play in the season opener. It's due to a rivalry with soccer team Palmeiras, who wear green.

Good thing the NFL is sending two teams who wear green to Brazil for this game, then.

Josh Jacobs reveals Packers and Eagles told not to wear green in Brazil for Week 1 game

Based on Josh Jacobs' comments, it sounds like they are seriously going to avoid wearing green. He provided some insight as a guest on the Green Light with Chris Long podcast.

"They said that the part of Brazil we're going to, you can't even wear green," said Jacobs. "They was like, 'Man, look, just pack black and white colors. When you come out here, we don't want no mishaps."

The Packers will presumably wear their white-and-gold road uniforms in the game. Will the Eagles have to wear an alternate jersey? We could get a repeat of the uniform matchup from two years ago when Jordan Love came off the bench to almost lead the Packers to a surprise victory. The Eagles were in their alternate uniforms that day.

The NFL has yet to make a decision on which uniforms each team will wear. Maybe it's something they should've thought about before choosing the Packers and Eagles to play at Corinthians Arena.

Uniforms aside, playing in Brazil is great news for the Packers. It takes away a true road game against the Eagles, and there's a good chance the fans will be cheering for Green Bay, considering the team's popularity in Brazil.

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