2 winners (and 3 losers) for Packers in Week 4 loss to Lions

Winners and losers for Green Bay Packers after Week 4 loss.
Green Bay Packers
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Winner: Young DL getting after Jared Goff

I mean, we're stretching it here, because it wasn't a really great performance all-around for Green Bay. You could highlight some of the young pass rushers, but we also just got done talking about how poor the defensive front was in terms of stopping the run.

Still, it's a win when guys like Devonte Wyatt and Karl Brooks are out there making plays in the pass rush department. You want those guys to get hot and stay hot, and the Packers did have some success getting after Goff at times in this game, but it wasn't enough.

Six different Packers had QB hits in this game, including young players like Devonte Wyatt, Karl Brooks, and Colby Wooden. That is something this unit can definitely build on. You love to see those guys having success like that in the pass rush department when Goff is only attempting 28 passes.

Loser: Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon

Aside from Week 1 this season when Aaron Jones was a one-man wrecking crew, where have these guys been all year? Well, we know Jones has been out dealing with an injury, but they were both on the field for this game.


Even playing from behind, you expect contributions in the passing game from at least Aaron Jones. They combined for 10 carries and 29 yards (2.9 per attempt) and one reception on three targets for -4 yards. This kind of production is simply unacceptable from two guys the Packers are relying on to be the backbone of this offense.

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