Predicting Packers' next 3 moves after restructuring Rashan Gary's deal

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The Green Bay Packers made their first cap-saving move by restructuring Rashan Gary's contract. It's the first of several moves the team will make this offseason. We can expect to see more restructures and releases in the weeks ahead.

A surprising increase of $30 million to this year's salary cap makes the Packers' job a little easier. They have more flexibility. However, there's still plenty of work for general manager Brian Gutekunst to do to create cap space. The Packers need to make room to sign their draft class, re-sign free agents, sign players, and have enough to carry into the season.

Restructuring Gary's deal was a start. What moves could come next?

3. Release De'Vondre Campbell

Potential cap saving: $2.61 million

De'Vondre Campbell's departure feels inevitable. He turns 31 this offseason and missed six games due to injury in 2023.

Campbell struggled in pass defense this season. According to Pro Football Reference, he allowed a career-worst passer rating of 111.2 in his coverage. Campbell was a game-changer in the middle of the defense during his 2021 All-Pro season, but he has been unable to reach that level in the two years since.

The Packers would create $2.61 million in cap space by releasing Campbell, but the financial impact goes beyond that. It would clear $25 million in cap hits across the 2025 and 2026 seasons.