Predicting where top Packers free agents will sign in 2024

Where could prospective Green Bay Packers free agents wind up in 2024?
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Josiah Deguara: New York Jets

Someone from the Packers' roster is going to join the New York Jets, right? I mean, that seems like a given at some point. It might not be just one, either.

Nathaniel Hackett may not be the offensive coordinator of the Jets, but it honestly wouldn't surprise me if he was, either. The Jets hired Hackett to presumably land Aaron Rodgers. As bad as things have been for the Jets this year without Rodgers on the field, do you think Aaron is going to let them fire Hackett? It wouldn't surprise me to see him force them to keep Hackett on the coaching staff for 2024, especially if he plans on playing next season.

With that in mind, don't be shocked to see more familiar faces head East to New York to play for the Jets. Josiah Deguara has never really developed into the type of player you expect to get with a third-round draft selection, but he played enough snaps both offensively and on special teams to likely become a favorite of the coaches.

And Nathaniel Hackett was the offensive coordinator in Green Bay back in 2020 when Deguara was drafted, so he may have had a hand in Deguara coming to Green Bay in the first place. This is a pairing that could make a lot of sense with as many former Packers as the Jets have been collecting these days.

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