10 prospects the Packers will regret passing on in the 2024 NFL Draft

Which players are the Packers going to regret passing on?
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2. Terrion Arnold, CB, Alabama

I will argue that the Packers got jumped not once but twice for two of the top defensive backs in this entire class. Green Bay was jumped by the Detroit Lions with the 24th overall pick where they selected Alabama's Terrion Arnold, perhaps the best overall cornerback in this class.

Given the lack of availability we've seen the last two years from Eric Stokes (12 games since 2022, only three last year), the cornerback position was something everyone expected to be addressed. It wasn't. Not until the seventh round, anyway.

The Packers missed out on Arnold and could have jumped a couple of spots -- maybe even just the one spot -- to get him.

3. Kool-Aid McKinstry, CB, Alabama

The Packers passed on a chance to snag Kool-Aid McKinstry not once but twice in this draft. Kool-Aid wasn't a no-brainer first-round player in this class, but Green Bay could have taken him at pick #25 overall and they opted against it. They could have taken him again at pick #41 overall but passed on him yet again, instead trading that pick to the New Orleans Saints so they could take McKinstry themselves.

Clearly, McKinstry was not a priority player on the board for the Packers, but only time will tell if not taking him was the right decision.

4. Tyler Nubin, S, Minnesota

There's no question that Tyler Nubin doesn't meet the athletic minimums the Green Bay Packers have in place, but you still can't help but wonder if they just missed out on a really good ball player because of that.

The Packers love to bet on traits, and there's nothing wrong with that, but how do you justify passing on a guy who has three straight years of elite ball production at the college level, including 12 interceptions over the last three seasons and three forced fumbles?

The New York Giants -- the team that lost Xavier McKinney to the Packers this offseason -- ended up taking Nubin just two picks after the Packers took Edgerrin Cooper. We'll see whether his ability to play the safety position or his athletic traits mattered more over the course of his career.