10 prospects the Packers will regret passing on in the 2024 NFL Draft

Which players are the Packers going to regret passing on?
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5. Payton Wilson, LB, North Carolina State

I'm still scratching my head over this one. You can't fault the Packers because they did use two top-100 selections on the linebacker position (Edgerrin Cooper, Ty'Ron Hopper) but Wilson might be a better overall player than both of them.

There was some potential first-round talk regarding Wilson if it weren't for his age (24 this season) and injury history, which are certainly part of the equation. But Wilson was compared by former Panthers star Luke Kuechly as a "faster version" of himself.

Are the Packers going to be kicking themselves for not taking this guy? They had five chances to get him, and left him on the board. The Pittsburgh Steelers took him 98th overall. Maybe the Packers should have taken the plunge at pick #91.

6. Elijah Jones, CB, Boston College

Maybe the Packers didn't expect Jones to come off the board as early as he did, but when he was picked 90th overall by Jonathan Gannon and the Arizona Cardinals, I'd be willing to bet there was some upset groaning going on in the Packers' war room.

Elijah Jones was a perfect fit for the Packers in this draft class because he's been playing in Jeff Hafley's defense for the last four years at Boston College. He's got good size, he's athletic, and he makes plays on the ball. He knows all the terminology and verbiage, and perhaps most importantly -- he knows all of the positions within the scheme (outside, nickel, dime).

It's a shame the Packers didn't find a way to get this guy to Green Bay.

7. Cole Bishop, S, Utah

We know how much the Green Bay Packers have loved Georgia Bulldogs under general manager Brian Gutekunst, so maybe we shouldn't have been as surprised by the Javon Bullard pick as we were.

And by we, I of course mean me. Maybe you weren't surprised at all.

Bullard has solid, not other-worldly athletic traits at the safety position. He's on the smaller side, however, which is why I felt the Packers would prioritize someone like Cole Bishop to pair with Xavier McKinney on the back end. Bishop went just two picks after Bullard to the Buffalo Bills and has better metrics in just about every category.

But the Packers love them 'Dawgs.