10 prospects the Packers will regret passing on in the 2024 NFL Draft

Which players are the Packers going to regret passing on?
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8. Jarrian Jones, CB, Florida State

The Green Bay Packers clearly had interest in Florida State's Jarrian Jones, bringing him into town for a top-30 visit. Those visits can be a sign of serious interest or a sign of having serious question marks about a player, and perhaps for the Packers and Jones, it was the latter.

Still, you can't help but look back at this draft class as a whole and feel like the Packers whiffed on adding literally anyone at cornerback. Maybe they thought guys would be available on Day 3, but there was definitely a run on defensive backs over the course of Day 2 and the Packers were left out, save for Javon Bullard.

Did they make the right call?

9. Devontez Walker, WR, North Carolina

You don't want to split too many hairs over the direction a team went on Day 3 of the NFL Draft. It's hard to fault the Packers for just going after whoever was the best on their board at positions of need, but one of the deepest groups of players in this draft was at wide receiver.

With 11 picks, the Packers would surely come away with one guy, right?

Wrong. The Packers passed on receivers altogether, including Devontez Walker in the fourth round. Walker has big-time downfield ability and could have been a nice value there on the early portion of Day 3, but the Packers passed and went with Evan Williams for more safety depth.

10. TJ Tampa, CB, Iowa State

Another player who was frequently connected to the Packers in mock draft situations leading up to this draft was Iowa State cornerback TJ Tampa.

He's got size, athleticism, and toughness at the position, and for whatever reason, he was free-falling into Day 3 of the 2024 NFL Draft. It was the Baltimore Ravens who ended his free-fall with the 30th pick of the fourth round.

This is a guy who could have been justified at pick #41 overall based on his talent level and positional value. There are always interesting things that come out after the draft about some teams failing guys medically, but nothing like that has been reported with TJ Tampa. The Packers left him and his one touchdown allowed on over 900 snaps on the board.

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