Ranking every Green Bay Packers starting quarterback since 1990

We all know Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre, but what other QBs have started for the Green Bay Packers since 1990? And who are the best?
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5. Matt Flynn (2010-11; 2013-14)

Although he didn't start many games for the Green Bay Packers, Matt Flynn has one of the brightest "flash in the pan" types of stories in NFL history. Flynn was a seventh-round pick out of LSU in 2008. His first two NFL seasons involved very limited action, but he got the chance to start a game in year three. Many people remember this game because Flynn and the Packers actually gave Tom Brady and the Patriots a serious run for their money. Flynn threw for 251 yards and three touchdowns in the narrow loss.

And the next year, the legend grew even larger. Flynn's final year with the Packers was capped off with a start against Detroit in which he threw for a whopping 480 yards and six touchdowns in a 45-41 shootout win.

By that point, Flynn was a coveted free agent quarterback in 2012. Despite having just two notable starts to his name, Flynn signed a three-year deal worth almost $20 million in what has become one of the most infamous free agent signings in NFL history. The Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson the same year. Wilson won the starting job and became the winningest QB over the first 10 years of a career in NFL history.

Flynn became a trivia fact.

He returned to the Packers in 2013, starting another handful of games that year. He returned to the Packers again in 2014 before bouncing around from the Patriots to the Jets and then the Saints in the 2015 offseason. His contract expired in 2016 and he's been out of the NFL since.