Ranking Jordan Love among every quarterback on Packers 2024 schedule

Jordan Love is ascending among the best QBs in the league.
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Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love had a tremendous breakout year in 2023, signaling the beginning of another special era of Packers football.

It's a good thing Love proved himself the way he did last year, too, because the Packers are running an absolute gauntlet of good quarterbacks in the 2024 season.

How do each of the quarterbacks on the Packers' schedule rank this coming season and where does Jordan Love rank among them? Let's take a look at which quarterbacks the Packers will face this year and rank them from worst to best.

How does Jordan Love stack up against every QB on Packers schedule in 2024?

15. JJ McCarthy/Sam Darnold, Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have moved on from Kirk Cousins and are moving forward with either JJ McCarthy or Sam Darnold this coming season. It wouldn't be shocking if the Packers faced both, as they play Minnesota in Weeks 4 and 17, but this should be considered the "easiest" quarterback the Packers will face this season regardless of which one is under center for Kevin O'Connell's crew.

14. Will Levis, Tennessee Titans

The jury is very much out on Will Levis, but he has the talent to absolutely go off any given week. We saw that at times last year, his rookie season with the Titans. The Titans have given Levis a lot of solid weapons in the passing game and it's sink or swim time for the former second-round pick out of Kentucky. He could be one of the NFL's top breakout players this year if everything goes according to plan for Tennessee.

13. Geno Smith/Sam Howell, Seattle Seahawks

Geno Smith made the Pro Bowl again last season, but he wasn't nearly as effective as we saw the year prior. The Seahawks traded for Sam Howell and there are rumors that he could wind up actually competing for the starting job there this coming season.

12. Derek Carr, New Orleans Saints

At this stage of his career, Derek Carr kind of just is what he is. He's a solid quarterback all-around, and if you mess around and keep a game close, he's good enough to beat you. Still, Carr is more of the elevated game manager type. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but he's less of a playmaker and more of a manager. He's solid and gives the Saints a relatively high floor at the position.

11. Anthony Richardson, Indianapolis Colts

Anthony Richardson was hurt most of last season, but what we saw was extremely impressive. When it comes to how he looks physically, he's reminiscent of Cam Newton. Richardson could be a breakout star in 2024.