Ranking the NFL divisional playoff quarterbacks: Here comes Jordan Love

Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers shocked a lot of people by beating the Dallas Cowboys on the road in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs, but with the way quarterback Jordan Love has been playing, that "upset" win shouldn't have been all that shocking to begin with.

Love has been playing outstanding football over the last couple of months, arguably at an MVP level, with 21 touchdown passes and one pick in his past nine games.

Everyone has their own set of criteria for ranking quarterbacks, but based on how Love has been playing since early November, where might he stack up against the other quarterbacks in the NFL postseason right now?

Past production is important for some of these guys, and how much you trust them in a playoff atmosphere also factors in, but Love looks like he might be one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL's version of the "Elite Eight" as we approach the Divisional Round. Based on a number of factors, let's give a power ranking of every quarterback left in the playoffs, and where Jordan Love stacks up.

8. Baker Mayfield, Buccaneers

You've got to give Baker Mayfield a ton of credit with all that has transpired in recent years. He was jettisoned by the Cleveland Browns. He was scapegoated by the Carolina Panthers. He showed that he still had talent and ability to lead a team in a short stint with the Los Angeles Rams. Now, he's kind of killing it with the Bucs.

Mayfield is playing well, but based on what we've seen all throughout this season, I think I would put him as the "worst" of the remaining quarterbacks. And that's not meant as a slight, by any means. Mayfield has done a tremendous job, and when he's able to limit turnovers, he's more than just an effective player -- he's a big reason the Bucs are winning.

7. Brock Purdy, 49ers

Brock Purdy may be the seventh-best QB remaining in the postseason, but I think he's also got one of the highest floors. That's the primary reason he's above Baker Mayfield. Now, against the Ravens, we saw that Purdy can sink the ship on his own. He threw four interceptions in an awful performance against a great defense.

Purdy isn't overly tested when it comes to playing in tight games. The 49ers have played relatively "stress-free" football this year and Purdy oftentimes gets to watch his teammates run buck wild all over opposing defenses. He just has to not screw it up. But he's been good enough out of structure, and operates Kyle Shanahan's offense exceptionally well.