Ranking the NFL divisional playoff quarterbacks: Here comes Jordan Love

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2. Josh Allen, Bills

Josh Allen's play can be erratic at times, but he's on a borderline unstoppable heater right now. The Bills haven't lost since Week 13, and Allen has been playing out of his mind in some of those games. Even in games he hasn't played the best, he's made enough plays to help his team win.

In other words, it just feels like Allen has a bigger margin for error right now than he usually does. He threw 18 interceptions in the regular season, but I think Allen is playing loose and confident rather than reckless and restrained. He will make some bad decisions with the ball, but I think he has the Bills in position to win the AFC right now with the way they are rallying around him.

1. Lamar Jackson, Ravens

The former MVP is probably the front-runner for MVP once again this year, and Lamar Jackson has something that he has really never had before as the starting QB of the Ravens: A plethora of big-time weapons at receiver.

The additions of Zay Flowers and Odell Beckham Jr. have been massive this year for Jackson and his evolution, and he's playing some of the best football of his already stellar career. He finished the regular season with nearly 3,700 passing yards and over 800 rushing yards.

The guy is a cheat code.

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