Richard Sherman takes shot at Packers fans after Bucs loss: 'Stay out of my mentions'

Green Bay Packers
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Richard Sherman was awfully quiet about the Green Bay Packers during their three-game winning run, but he took a victory lap after their loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 15.

Sherman had a great rivalry with the Packers during his NFL career. He played in several big games against Green Bay for the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers.

The rivalry has continued after his retirement. Sherman has repeatedly taken shots at the Packers for trading Aaron Rodgers in the offseason. Following the trade, he said teams wouldn't fear them without Rodgers.

Sherman went after Packers fans again this week.

Richard Sherman has another ridiculous take about the Packers

There's no doubt that Sherman has enjoyed the Packers' two-game losing streak.

"Green Bay Packers fans, I want you to go back and watch a few Aaron Rodgers highlights. Remember the good times," said Sherman on 'The Richard Sherman Podcast.'

He then sang this part: "You've got a long, long, long road coming. But I know, ring ain't coming."

Sherman told Packers fans to "stay out of my mentions."

Not many people claimed Green Bay would win a Super Bowl this season, but they did push back on Sherman's Jordan Love comments.

Earlier this year, Sherman said the Packers are "not getting three in a row," referring to another franchise QB after Brett Favre and Rodgers. He added that Packers fans "should've shut up and enjoyed the guy you had."

Are we sure Love isn't the guy?

Since Week 9, Love has thrown for 1,876 yards, 14 touchdowns, and three interceptions, with a passer rating of 102.5. That's pretty good.

Sherman seems to forget that Rodgers wasn't an MVP quarterback in his first year as a starter. After Week 15 in 2008, the Packers were 5-9. Rodgers had thrown for 3,470 yards, 23 touchdowns, and 12 interceptions, with a 91.8 rating.

This year, the Packers are 6-8. Love has thrown for 3,368 yards, 25 touchdowns, and 11 interceptions, with a 90.8 rating.

And that's with a far less experienced team around him. Rodgers had Donald Driver and Greg Jennings. Love is throwing to rookies and second-year receivers.

Richard Sherman on Packers losing at home in December

Before this season, the Packers hadn't lost a game in December under Matt LaFleur. They're 1-2 this month, and their defeat to the Bucs was their first at Lambeau in December since 2018.

"I don't know who their quarterback had been all those years ... but that guy probably don't lose in December," said Sherman. "But I guess anybody can do it. You put a Green Bay helmet on and a jersey, and they're just as good as the rest of them that came before. Or maybe they're not..."

"What they're finding out is even when your quarterback plays pretty good, if he's not playing MVP football in Lambeau, then guess what, it's not that special," said Sherman. "I'm sorry, this is going to be the case for a while now."

So, the point is that the Packers had an incredible run in December because of Rodgers, and trading him is why this team has now lost two games this month?

Sherman is right about Rodgers' numbers at this time of year. He often saved his best football for December. Between 2019 and 2022, Rodgers threw for 3,599 yards, 32 touchdowns, and five interceptions in December. That's incredible.

But that's not the Rodgers we saw at the end of last season.

If the point is that Rodgers wins the games that count late in the year, and now the Packers aren't doing the same with Jordan Love, we have to include January, too.

How about Rodgers' final game as a Packer? It was only 11 months ago. Rodgers threw for 205 yards, one touchdown, and one interception, with Green Bay losing 20-16 at home to the Detroit Lions. It cost them a playoff berth.

What about January 2022, when the Packers lost 13-10 at home against the 49ers in the divisional round? Rodgers threw for 225 yards, no touchdowns, and no picks, and Green Bay's offense managed only 10 points.

And it's not like Jordan Love is playing bad football, either. In three December games, he has thrown for 769 yards, six touchdowns, and one interception, with a 101.8 rating. It's not Love's fault that his defense allowed 539 passing yards and five touchdowns to Tommy DeVito and Baker Mayfield.

Would a 40-year-old Rodgers lead this Packers team to the playoffs? Maybe. But considering they went 8-9 and lost a must-have game at home in Week 18 last year, it's hardly a guarantee.

The Packers made the right decision to trade Rodgers. They are building for the future around Love, and this young offense has given the fans plenty of reasons to be optimistic moving forward.

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